Life with Chronic Illness: What Has it Taught Us?

About a week or so ago I reached out to my wonderful followers on Instagram to get their answers to two questions that I think are really important when you are trying raise awareness among both the spoonie and non-spoonie community.

What I wanted to know was what had living with a chronic illness taught my followers, and what piece of advice would they give to someone – in a similar position or not.

Each of these has been answered by some inspiring people (all of my followers are inspiring!) from my account – I’ve added their Instagram names so be sure to give them a follow!



What has living with a chronic illness taught you?

@emkenpriv: “There are good days and bad days.  We can’t control when they come, but we can control how we perceive them,”

@unwellunlimitedly: “It has taught me to be more assertive, organised, adventurous and compassionate.”

@that_endo_girl: “To be patient with people who don’t understand and to be patient with myself/body,”

@katie_noonan86: “That no one understands what can’t be seen.”

@leahpontos_seamstress: “Life is unpredictable!  I can have a full day planned by Endo has other ideas!”

@myendostory: “Not to take anything for granted and make the most of the good days,”

@andreaebell: “To never give up.  But also to allow myself to rest when I need it.”

@lisateci: “To appreciate each day and sadly, I know more about my illnesses than most doctors,”


What one piece of advice would you give to others?

@tuesbrown: “Don’t ever give up.  Never let people convince you that what you feel isn’t real and normal,”

@katie_noonan86: “Don’t be ignored.”

@leahpontos_seamstress: “Listen to your body and don’t put yourself down,”

@myendostory: “Try not to worry about the things you can’t control, I know that’s easier said than done!”

@andreaebell: “Be kind to yourself.  Being sick is really hard.  We are our own worst critic.”

@lisateci: “Never give up.  Pain is not normal,”

@emkenpriv: “Take each day as it comes.”

@youreovaryacting: “Keep pestering your doctor!  Nobody knows your body better than you,”

@unwellunlimitedly: “Do research – lots of research – so you can more accurately describe how your illness(es) affect you,”

@that_endo_girl: “Listen and trust your body.  If you’re not ok with a doctors advice, don’t be afraid to speak and seek advice.”


And my answers to these questions?  Living with chronic illnesses has taught me that I am stronger and braver than I ever knew, and that if I could give some advice to others, it would be understand that you have no idea what someone might be going through, so be nice.

If you’re at all struggling, then I hope that the responses from myself and my followers is helpful, and if you’ve got an answer that you want featuring, let me know!

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