Awareness Month Photo Challenges

We’re just into the start of the September awareness months – Chronic Pain Awareness and Interstitial Cystitis – and I’ve found the perfect photo and social media challenge for you guys to take part in.

When it was Endometriosis awareness month back in March, I participated in the photo challenge that a couple of my followers created, and it was brilliant!  You were able to learn so much from each other and have a laugh along the way.

Which is why I was thrilled when I stumbled across these on Instagram…

Chronic Pain Awareness Challenge

Courtesy of @ostdalost , this challenge incorporates some honest truths and facts about what life is like for those of us with chronic pain.

If you are happy to take part (and there is no pressure to take part every day, with either of these), then use the hashtag “#chronicpainawarenesschallenge” and tag @ostdalost in each post you do!



Interstital Cystitis Awareness Challenge

This challenge is bought to you by @fitchickwithendo, and rather than set specific challenges, they’ve kept it very open by just providing a single word or item for you to use with your own imagination.  Pretty neat, huh?

If you are wanting to take part in this one, use the hashtag “#icyou” or “#icawarenessmonth” and tag @fitchickwithendo with each post you provide!



The great thing about these challenges is that they bring a community together, and often give people the chance to open up and meet other people who are in a similar situation.  Keep an eye out on my Instagram feed on my home page to see what I’ll be posting!

Are you hosting your own challenge for any September awareness months (or future ones)?  Let me know so I can feature it on my site!

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