Have You Seen This October Photo Challenge?

It may only be 3 days since the September photo challenges ended, but my lovely friend @letsovershare on Instagram has taken the time to create a unique photo challenge for October.

letsovershare photo.png

Rather than focusing on a specific illness or community, @letsovershare has created an autumn/Halloween themed one, giving us some variety in the recent photo challenges we have taken part in.

As with some of the previous photo challenges I have taken part in, I love the fact that each day’s word or sentence can be interpreted differently meaning that they’ll be a whole variety of answers.

If you want to take part, make sure you are following the wonderful @letsovershare, as well as tagging her in any posts.  There are the hastags “#letsoverhare” and #photochallenge” to go alongside it too.

Check out my first three responses on my Instagram, @endobunny!


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