Unapologetically Speaking the Truth

My friend Elly is starting a campaign that looks at us being honest, open and truthful.  Her Instagram page (@unapologeticallyelly) and her blog (www.unapologeticallyelly.com), talk in more detail about what inspired her and what the campaign is about.

Elly’s campaign also coincides with it being World Mental Health day – we are luckyto have 2 campaigns that are encouraging us to talk about our mental health openly and not feel the stigma or be judged.

For those of us in the Spoonie Community, we may find our mental health and well-being can fluctuate when we are going through periods of illness, symptom flare-ups or investigations.  We already find it hard to be open with what we are going through so adding our mental health into the mix just makes it that bit harder.  But with campaigns like these, it gives us the platform to stand up and speak out.

insta speak truth.png

I’ve posted on my Instagram page (@endobunny) to show my support to Elly’s campaign, are you going to do it next?

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