THIS WEEKS FEATURE: My Treatment for Adenomyosis


Hey followers!  Welcome to the third installment of “THIS WEEKS FEATURE: Treatments”.  This article is going to look at the treatments I’ve had for Adenomyosis, a condition I was diagnosed with earlier this year.

As with all of my conditions, I have written a separate article about it in more detail.  It’s linked here for those of you who would like to re-read it.  But, to save you from doing so, Adenomyosis is a gynaecology condition often thought as as being similar to Endometriosis, expect the growths in Adenomyosis infiltrate the womb and uterus muscles.  It has no cure and is tricky to manage, as the growths cannot be removed like Endometriosis, as it would potentially cause damage to the womb.

This is actually going to be a relatively short article, because there is actually only one thing that I am on to try and manage the Adenomyosis (well, two if you count the menopause).

The first is simply pain relief.  The only way to treat Adenomyosis effectively is to have a hysterectomy, but as I’m not in a position to have that at the moment, pain relief is doing it’s best.  A combination of opioids, anti-inflammatories and neuropathic pain killers has helped.

However, the second “treatment” was actually not intentional.  And that was the medical menopause.  I had a drug called Decepeptyl injected into my butt monthly to shut down my ovaries and stop my hormones.  It was brilliant because my pain disappeared pretty much altogether, but returned to a high level when I came out of it.  I say this was not intentional because I was only put into this state to stop my Endometriosis from growing, as it was growing pretty fast, but the fact that the pain returned to quickly and had changed slightly gave my consultants the heads up to the possibility of me having Adeno, hence why my surgery was booked and it was discovered so promptly.

To be honest, the next step for me is some form of hormone treatment, but I am currently being investigated for some things with my blood which are currently stopping me from having any hormone-type treatment.  However, I have found that pain relief does work at times.

The pros and cons?  I am taking a large amount of strong painkillers, some of which are being less effective, meaning I’ll end up needing something stronger.  And I can’t always take the super strong ones if I am working or having to drive.  Plus, the stronger ones come with side effects such as drowsiness, nausea and generally feeling weird.  However, I feel I have a fairly good mixture of pills to take if needed, although none of them completely stop the pain.  The best is the morphine, but I am trying not to take that too much because its a drug that can easily become less effective the more you take it (plus it tastes vile!).  The biggest con is that I know being on pain relief and not anything hormonal is not helping my Adenomyosis (or the Endometriosis, for that matter).

I still have a way to go with getting my Adenomyosis symptoms under control, but my current strategies are proving ok.

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