EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Are You Interested in Being a Guest Writer for Endo Bunny?

Happy Friday readers!  The weekend is finally here – plenty of time to relax, unwind and enjoy.

If you’ve been following @endobunny on Instagram for a while, you may have spotted a couple of my posts about being a guest writer.


I’ve had a good amount of interest so far, but am opening it up to more people.

Are you interested?

Do you want to be a guest writer?

If you are interested and do want to be a guest writer then this is what it’s about;

  • writing one or more articles for my site (there is no pressure!)
  • articles will be published in your name, along with an inset about you, a picture (if you wish) and links to your social media/website pages
  • the articles must be relevant to the topics on Endo Bunny – typically life with chronic illness, a specific chronic illness or an experience of something such as medication/surgery/treatment
  • the articles must be original and not something you’ve already posted on either your own site or someone elses

I’d love to hear from anyone who is interested!


Get in touch!

Send me an email at lauren.endobunny@gmail.com and let me know!  I’ll then send you a form to sign (to gain your permission to have your content on my site) and we can get cracking!


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