20 Things Not to Say to People with Endometriosis


For me, lists are fairly apparent in my life – to do lists, achievement lists and symptom lists (of course!) and I love reading articles that are lists.  Some of the best I’ve read are related to how life was in the 90’s (when I was younger) or about school, but any that relate to chronic illness are just so relatable.

Being that Endometriosis is my longest-standing diagnosis (you can read more about it here, as well as my Endometriosis story), I’ve come into contact with a lot of comments that make me roll my eyes and just keep my mouth quiet (otherwise my response might not be appreciated!)

Here are some of the best I’ve had;

  1. Yeah I think I’ve got that, because my periods are heavy and painful too!
  2. Isn’t that just heavy periods?
  3. Periods are painful for everyone, so you’re not that special.
  4. I don’t want to talk about your menstrual problems…
  5. Surely you only get symptoms once a month?
  6. I don’t get why you get periods throughout your cycle…
  7. It can’t be that painful.
  8. I can’t believe you have time off work for your period…
  9. Why did you need to go to A&E/hospital/GP?  All women get periods and they don’t go there all the time.
  10. Period pain is normal.  End of.
  11. Why do you need strong pain relief for something that is just pain relief?
  12. You just had surgery, so why aren’t you better?
  13. You’re having you (insert number) surgery?  Are you sure you don’t just like the attention?
  14. You need to get pregnant because then you will be cured.
  15. So…are you planning on having a baby yet then?
  16. Why did you need surgery to be diagnosed?  My (insert appropriate family or friend or colleague here) just used Google and her GP agreed.
  17. Why can’t you just take hormones?
  18. So you can’t ever be cured then?
  19. I don’t see how your periods can be that bad…
  20. So are you fertile or what?



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