10 Insane (But True!) Things About Chronic Illness

It’s almost the weekend readers!  So here is an easy and (hopefully) interesting read for you about some strange and hilarious facts about chronic illness!

  1. A lot of chronic illnesses come with the symptom of fatigue, which is much more than “being tired”.   But if fatigue is not managed as much as possible, it can lead to problems with memory, the immune system and developing other long-term health problems.  This is why it is so important that fatigue is taken seriously, something that those not suffering with it find tricky 
  2. Workplaces should really be more understanding of employees with long-term sickness – 50% of sickness is due to chronic health conditions.  If they were more understanding, it’s proven they would not only retain their employees, but be more productive and efficient in the process
  3. Many years ago, a lot of long-term health conditions would have landed a person in an institute or asylum.  Why?  Well, not only were many symptoms put down to “mania” or “hysteria”, people just didn’t understand
  4. Whilst alternative therapies are becoming more sought after, things like herbal treatments have been used for centuries and proven to be effective
  5. Women had a rough time of it centuries ago – many gynaecology symptoms and conditions were put down to “hysteria” and the women ignored.  This was even the case for Endometriosis
  6. And whilst we’re on the topic of Endometriosis, did you know that the disease has been found in the human brain and even eyes?
  7. Before tampons were invented, historical forms included those made of wool, grass and papyrus!
  8. Bloodletting was a common medical “treatment” that was used up until the 19th century.  It was thought that letting out the “bad blood” would cure and prevent many common ailments
  9. As early as the 20th century, people blamed female infertility on a psychosomatic disorder
  10. Before advanced medical technology was invented, doctors would taste their patients sweat and urine to establish what was going on with their chronic illnesses

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