The Art of Being Taken Seriously

Those of us with chronic illnesses or symptoms that are not yet diagnosed know how hard it is to find a healthcare professional (or even a family member, friend or colleague) who will take you seriously. We’ll have often gone through a string of doctors just trying to find the one that will listen and […]

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Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

Ah the menstrual cycle, otherwise known as your period, Aunt Flo, “having the painters in” or whatever it is that you are comfortable with.  The one thing that makes being a women much less enjoyable.  Something that is full of unnecessary stigma, pain and awkwardness.  But, having taken the time to learn more about it […]

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The Problem with A&E 2.0

You can read my original article “The Problem with A&E” here.  A&E: the initials stand for “accident and emergency”.  It is the place people go when they are injured, ill and need treatment quickly. Yesterday I was admitted to my local A&E department because my pain had rocketed to levels that I had never felt […]

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