GUEST WRITER: Sex and Endometriosis – a Painful Problem.

NSFW This article was written by my lovely friend Libby.   SEX! It’s this magical, intimate experience where both parties involved experience pleasure! Right? WRONG! Sex can be the complete opposite for some people; bloody, painful, awkward, uncomfortable, scary and not very sexy at all.  Painful sex can be caused by a lot of different conditions; Endometriosis PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) Sexually transmitted disease Vaginismus […]

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I’ve Been Nominated!

I’m totally honoured and flattered to announce that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  It’s a wonderful way to have my blog recognised and to know that my words and writing are reaching people.  What Is The Sunshine Blogger Award? Think of it like a peer-recognition system where fellow bloggers and writers […]

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I Feel Like the NHS Failed Me

I’d strap yourself in, this might be a tough one… As most of you are aware from following my @endobunny Instagram account, I recently spent 5 days in hospital and underwent emergency surgery.  You may also know that throughout my stay, the only thing that was consistent was the shocking care I received.   Now, I’ve […]

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Good evening readers and followers! Just a teeny tiny post to let you know I am recovering from emergency surgery so will be back to my writing as soon as possible. You can follow my recent hospital stay and surgery on my Instagram – @endobunny

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