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GUEST WRITER: Parenting with Endometriosis

This is a special post written by my friend Vicki.   I’ve suffered from a condition called Endometriosis since my teenage years. It’s a disease that affects 1 in 10 women and, in very simple terms, means that tissue usually contained inside the uterus grows outside and can cause bleeding, inflammation, infection and pain.  I have… Continue reading GUEST WRITER: Parenting with Endometriosis

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Managing Expectations When You’re Chronically Ill

Disappointment is a major part of chronic illness.  It is there when you're in the process of being diagnosed, going through treatment or management regimes and simply living with it. It's probably the big part of the fight to be diagnosed that no one tells you about, but also the part that no one understands… Continue reading Managing Expectations When You’re Chronically Ill